Zyri's News

Voice acting delayed unfurtnately

2017-08-12 03:58:59 by Zyri

ive had a real depressing week.. i don't want to go into detail but it mostly had to do with suicide. i almost wanted to make a way out too. ive stopped eating for a few days and now im slowly getting my strength back. i'm struggling and trying to find my self out of a toxic envorment. more updates later.. just understand im surviving.. but i am.. in pain.

Voice acting inbound!

2017-07-20 14:05:31 by Zyri

I'm both excited, and nervous about this choice but i'm told i should seriously consider it. who knows i might be voicing the next big viral video? who knows maybe I'll get to meet some one famous if i do this enough, i feel like i got the talent. no shame in trying right now and see what i got right? recording starts soon. ill be re doing Rick voice, then go along with doing some Other small generic voices and see what we get. feel free to send me art and ill try to do voices baised on that maybe? i need some insperation :P 

So i might do Vocie acting?

2017-06-16 00:28:23 by Zyri

I've always nodiced that people seem to think my impressions are good, so i might start uploading more samples of different voices and give them names.. I need to fix the rick one. i had performance anxioty the 1st time around but now that i have full confidence, I'm most likely going to redo my Rick Voice From Rick and Morty. Here's to another possible future.

New life

2017-05-09 13:51:00 by Zyri

recently i found out that all the people i really cared about arent really my friends. they betryaed me and left me with out asking my side of the story. but when i came back to an old place i was kicked from.. the community welcomed me with opened arms. Old friends, and strangers alike, ALL Came to me to make me feel better, i learned that this is my real home. and this is what true love is, and Real Freiendships. 


After all the crying, I leanred who my real friends are, and what defines a real friend.


I may be sweet, and i may be nice and i may waste my nights sleepless for a strangers broken heart. 


But even i Need love.

Remember the good times?

2017-04-28 08:45:49 by Zyri

Sometimes i feel like newgrounds is underrated, this place gave birth to so much good stuff.. yet people still dont know what this place is. maybe that's a good thing. The community is pretty neat.

Working On Cosplay!

2016-10-18 21:43:10 by Zyri

I'm working on a Mettaton Cosplay and when its finished i shal post pictures some where idk where ... but somewhere

October and Up coming events!

2016-10-06 14:39:10 by Zyri

So It's finally Halloween, the entire month is Halloween shaddap. Sister Location is to be realsed on this month part of the FNAF series, i'm interested in to it and i can't wait. PSN's Free Games this month is Resident Evil HD remake for ps4 and Transformers. for the PS3 i havent checked it but im not too excited to. Other games this month include Mafia 3, Dragon Quest Builders, Gears of War 4, playstation VR, Rise of the tomb Raider (special edition) Battlefield 1, Sid Meirs Civ 6, and Skyrim the special edition. all very exciting things i look forward to. I've got nothing planned except a possible NSFW drawing of my charecter i'm interested in how hes gonna turn out.. maybe i'll post it .. maybe i wont who knows. It will be my 1st NSFW drawing EVER so .. I wonder if it even will look good hah. 

Healthy Once More!

2016-09-29 09:48:33 by Zyri

NO longer am i sick, thank goodnes, i'm no longer coughing things up from my lungs! My fever is gone and i can eat well once again! I'm feeling so much better. Been watching a show called Rick and Morty and i am HOOKED. i Recommend you check it out, it's great.

Happy madness day!

2016-09-22 12:06:05 by Zyri

Funny enough i know the guy who did the background for NG, they straight up asked him if they could use it and he was so excited. This adorable 17 yearold from the UK isnt that interesting? I'm still sick but the fever is gone, im coughing up some nasty nasty stuff, i wish it would go away. 

I'm scared.

2016-09-20 13:37:18 by Zyri

I really like this guy.. and some people told me i should tottaly talk to him to express my feelings and maybe get in a relationship, I talk to him non stop for a week just about and suddenly and finally he tells me hes got feelings for me too. but now the same people if not simular source of people. are telling me NOT to trust him.. but so far.. he's been the biggest sweet heart to me.. so kind and protective. and i'm being told he might be a huge lier.. i don't want to blindly trust either side.. but i'm scared of the truth. I just want to be happy.