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. I'm pansexual, and I love music, i love games, and I LOVE Movies. I'm very friendly, very accepting, and laidback. Feel free to ask more about me <3

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I'm back!

Posted by Zyri - February 20th, 2018

Well now I'm back able to do things at my own pace, I got a new job and a new life, things are strong. I had a bit of a heartbreak recently but that's ok cause it made me learn some things and I'm stronger now, today I give you a cover I recorded with CharlieTheReindeer, she and I met once and spent a whole rainy cold night in October watching a show called Over The Garden Wall, Frogs are the symbol of our relationship and without her support idk where I'd be without her. I've learned a lot of new things lately, and I think I understand why this person and I met. Voice Recordings Will come soon Voice acting Demos, more covers if you got some songs send em my way, songs I can sing get to the front, the less complicated the better, I love doing TV show covers, as you can tell so far we got like 2 of them. 
Heads up on whats coming soon with voice acting

  1. Uncanny GlaD0S Voice From Portal
  2. Billy From Billy and Mandy Or Pox From Destroy All Humans.
  3. Re-Make Of Rick And Morty With a Side Of Lemon Grab From Adventure time
  4. Surprise Character!!! (OOOOO)

as For the Song Covers, I'm thinking of doing a song from Steven Universe, I'm not exactly sure which one yet but it's coming I assure you. 


Thank you, everyone, who has been so patient if you been waiting for my next uploads I'm starting to think I'm gonna knuckle down and starting doing more of these with so many responses I've been getting. The Positive attitude is really helping and I encourage you to do more cause it helps me with my self-esteem. Anyway, I love you all, you're wonderful thanks for reading this and PLEASE feel free to post your song requests I will listen to them and if I think i can do it I'll do it. SO far I'm sticking to Piano Covers, so if you can find a piano version of the song or can play one your self, keep that in mind. Otherwise, I need some serious help, so far the past two covers were done by a program a very helpful program called "Synthesia" but it takes so darn long to do it that way, so keep THAT in mind when doing obscure songs. 


Please have a Nice Day and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and adorable Valentine's day!