New life

2017-05-09 13:51:00 by Zyri

recently i found out that all the people i really cared about arent really my friends. they betryaed me and left me with out asking my side of the story. but when i came back to an old place i was kicked from.. the community welcomed me with opened arms. Old friends, and strangers alike, ALL Came to me to make me feel better, i learned that this is my real home. and this is what true love is, and Real Freiendships. 


After all the crying, I leanred who my real friends are, and what defines a real friend.


I may be sweet, and i may be nice and i may waste my nights sleepless for a strangers broken heart. 


But even i Need love.


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2017-05-09 15:24:34

I feel your pain. At least you found a place, at least you were wanted.

Zyri responds:

I have a heart big enough for more friends. including you.


2017-05-13 03:04:58

I feel your pain!